Republic Music is a unique label and collective based in New York that connects producers, DJs and fans worldwide in the spirit of the underground.

From Brooklyn to the UK, Spain to Sydney and beyond, Republic aims to elevate the standard and get heads nodding in every hemisphere with highly advanced dance music that is grounded in the old school but looks to the next level.

The unifying principle of deep house – the ageless, timeless, all-encompassing sound of real house music – is the foundation of Republic's musical philosophy. However our roster of artists are inspired by and incorporate a rich kaleidoscope of contemporary sounds, including funk, garage, indie, jazz, Latin and electronica. Soul is the common element, and soul is found in all forms of music as long as heads put their heart in the mix. Not limited to one genre or tempo, Republic’s mission is to dish out the soul of the future. This diverse melting pot of grooves is the real “world music.” It’s a masterful fusion of acoustic and electronic; it’s dark as midnight and light as the promise of a new day; it’s just for a good time and it’ll save your life.

Republic stands for rebellion against the mainstream, against cynicism, against the same old way of doing things, against commercial noise. We walk a true path, keeping hope alive for a better time – a time when people realize they are already free, to be gathered under the sway of a universal soundtrack with power to soothe, uplift and heal.

Republic means unity in diversity and freedom in love. It also means kick-ass funky soul with zero bullshit. It’s more than a label – it’s a passion, a movement and a way of life. All with open minds are welcome. Come, join the movement, and take your first step into a larger musical world.



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