Leoesco (AKA DJ Leo) is well-known as Colombian House royalty to fans of deepness in many hemispheres, with a slew of releases on just about every important house label there is. Now the Cali-based producer's first EP on Republic opens up a new frontier for the New York label south of the Equator. It's a perfect match given the common vision he shares with Republic - especially in translating his Afro-Caribbean roots to future funk.

1. "Burning" - The sizzling title track is a serious club throwdown that comes to play hard and deep. This minimal but tough tech-house number draws you in with its snappy drum kit and dubby effects, and keeps you fascinated with its sexy filtered vocal sample. It's a pulsating peak-time track that's more than a cut above.

2. "Catch Me" is where Leoesco betrays his soulful roots. Latin percussion combines with gorgeous synth lines and funky guitar to create a vibe that's both deep and trance-inducing, with a classic West Coast feel. (Is it the secret connection between Cali and Cali?) The surprising vocal is the icing on this sweet treat - try to catch it if you can!

3. "Lofty" lives up to its name, bringing a big-room warehouse vibe to the party. Its deep and seductive bassline, haunting Euro-disco synths, and melodic stabs are sure to keep hands in the air long after official closing time. It's the perfect way to tie up a package of subtly devastating tunes with mucho sabor and not a B-side among them....