For its 12th release, Republic hits hard and deep, with a collection of complex tracks that dance on the boundary between techno and house, tailor-made for big floors and adventurous late nights. New York club veteran Billy Shane, who’s built an impeccable portfolio on labels like Tronicsole and Falk, brings three mature, true-school tech-house jams to a strong Republic debut.

"After Hours Logic" sets a tough standard with dark and deep techno punctuated by eerie vocal stabs that evolves into a swirling, melodic Detroit-style workout. The sick percussion work is reminiscent of classics from New York’s legendary late-’80s afterhours clubs; while Billy’s pinpoint sense of dynamics gives it a sleek, contemporary twist. Despite the title it’s liable to devastate a main floor or three.

"Molashus" keeps the dark energy going, but folds a melancholy house organ into the mix for a melodic, grinding groove that’s sticky, opaque and bittersweet as molasses. With distorted tribal percussion, more haunted vocal stabs and blippy party-rocking flashes of electro, this is a seedy and seductive joint that’ll keep the kids out past their bedtime.

The title track raises the bar even higher with driving old-school acid, sinister highs and one wicked bassline. Ethereal synth lines reflect off grimy percussion, while dramatic breakdowns and jazzed-up changes elevate the mix. Republic chief Seph says, "This is what the early New York rave scene was," referring to a time when a good party meant a dirty warehouse, a strobelight and a feeling. This entire set of tracks will effortlessly transport real heads young and old back to the future of that vibe...