With its third release, Republic Music demonstrates its commitment to showcasing next-level work from the entire spectrum of electronic music. Steven Garcia's Love on a Real Train takes us for a sensual ride on two tracks that pay tribute to a classic while rocking a progressive, genre-bending blend of house, funk and atmospheric electronica. It's a sound both hauntingly familiar and timeless, designed to rock your headspace as much as your dancefloor.

Hailing from Brooklyn, now based in Spain, Steven's mastery of dynamic house production and his evolved compositional sensibility are known to househeads on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks in part to standout tracks on compilations from Cafe del Mar and Turntables on the Hudson.

Here, he takes on a classic from German ambient masters Tangerine Dream, offering a cheeky but heartfelt pastiche of their "Love on a Real Train" from the Risky Business soundtrack. This is no cheap sampling job: the original's pulsating Reichian synthlines are not so much reworked as reincarnated into a complex sound that fuses breezy Balearic house and trippy tech-funk, with shimmering layers of keyboards playing off jazzy flourishes in continually shifting patterns.

The Downtown Mix rocks harder, the Uptown Mix is deeper and more contemplative on an afterhours tip; but both tracks play on this generation's primal movie memories to blur the connections between old and new schools, between sonic experimentation and soul. This is one train discerning DJs and music lovers should not miss...